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      Hello My Fellow Brothers,

      I hope everyone is enjoying their day. I have a couple of updates for you today.

      First and foremost I can’t stress how important that time is running out to pay your dues if you haven’t already done so. Please, please, please pay them before the end of the month.

      Secondly, the officers of St. Alban Lodge had a meeting this week with Sam Freeman – DDGM(C). Below is a brief summary of the topics that were discussed.

      • 1. Sam stated that business casual dress is ok for extra meetings.
      • 2. Sam would like to be addressed at all meetings in any Lodge as Sam Freeman – DDGM (not Sam).
      • 3. Doing two degrees in one night will not happen for some time. We should continue as we do now until all of the instruction has been made.
      • 4. He has permitted the Lodges to delete a member in Grandview if we think the person is deceased. We should use our discretion, but we don’t need to be overly concerned if we make a mistake related to this.
      • 5. All Lodge Officers should be learning the BOL.
      • 6. There will be one visitation in May. May 22nd at Melita Lodge no. 295.
      • 7. Sam suggested that we have a quarterly Zoom Meeting. This way members that live outside our area can participate in a Lodge event.
      • 8. Sam doesn’t want to see members wearing their aprons the wrong way. The apron goes over their jacket. We should speak up and let members know if they are doing this wrong.
      • 9. June 1st is the Quarterly Meeting and it’s in Erie, PA.
      • 10. Sue from the Grand Lodge would be a good speaker to educate our Brothers on the possible events that could be held at the Grand Lodge.
      • 11. Sam reminded us to behave when there is a non-masonic event at the Lodge and to make sure our members know this also.
      • 12. There will be a Table Lodge on February 19th at Columbia Lodge No. 91. If you want to attend please let me know.
      The meeting went very well for all of the officers of District C. We had a chance to meet each other and discuss ways we could work together in the future.

      We are having our Stated Meeting on February 21st. The pre-meeting meal will be at Maggiano’s. If you are planning on attending the meal please let me know. We are planning on inviting a new potential candidate to the meal. If you see him, please make an effort to introduce yourself. The program for the Stated Meeting will be Middle Chamber lecture by: Shawn Crooms, DGL, PHA.

      I also wanted to mention that several Brothers of our Lodge are working very hard to prepare for the upcoming Gathering of Lodges Named St. Alban. This will be an international event with the goal of having over 250 participants. The dates for this gathering are September 13th – 15th. Please mark your calendars. The whole weekend will be filled with fun events for you and your loved ones. It is important to make sure our Lodge, since we are hosting this year, shows a strong presence. We need to have as many Brothers attend this as possible. Please plan accordingly. We will have more information related to the costs and itinerary available soon.

      I also want to mention that our yearly Scholarship event is approaching. At our June meeting, we will present the scholarships. Within the next few weeks, I will be sending out the information related to the application and other details.

      Lastly, I was contacted by the Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Lithuania. They are having a contingent of Brothers coming to visit the Grand Lodge of PA and attend our Stated Meeting in May. I am also working with them to plan a day of sightseeing around the city of Philadelphia. If you want to participate in any way, please let me know. I think this day and evening are going to be a lot of fun and a great way to show Brothers from a foreign country why they call Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love.

      I hope everyone enjoys the SuperBowl.


      Andrew B. Schure
      Secretary of St. Alban Lodge No. 529
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: 610-505-9331

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