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      Good Morning Brethren and Happy President’s Day Weekend!

      Yesterday, we had the pleasure of advancing Lorenzo Mazzamuto to the Degree of a Fellowvcraft Mason (incidentally, Br. Lorenzo became a first time Dad this week as he and his wife welcomed their first child (son)). In addition we also raised Brs. Evan Martin and Herbert Wyche to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. Congrats to all and to Br. Jerry Brown for conferring 2 excellent Master Mason Degrees and to the entire Degree team that came out to assist.

      We really appreciate the time everyone is taking to help with Degrees. We’re blessed to have so many candidates coming through, but with 9 candidates- that’s 27 Degrees we have to confer. Next week we are scheduled to confer the Fellowcraft Degree on Brs. Joseph Sparco, Herman Wilson, Sr. and Brian Everett. March is slated to be another busy month, but if we get through that, our Degree schedule for the Spring months will be much more relaxed whereby we can start doing Extra Meetings at our Temple in Philly on weeknights instead of Saturday Extra Meetings off site. In March, we will be conferring 4 Master Mason Degrees, 1 Fellowcraft and 1 EA. The Officers are coming up with a schedule and will advise me to publish in the March Lodge Notice.

      I am attaching a flyer for our Top Golf Event which is being held on Sunday March 6th. Please advise this week if you are able to attend. The Lodge will pick up the registration fee. Members will cover food and drink.

      I am completely caught up on mailing dues cards for 2022. If you have paid dues and have not yet received your card, please advise. The last batch just went out this past Friday.

      Please read the following message from our District Deputy Grand Master concerning the upcoming Open House/ Town Hall meeting with the RWGM..

      The date is Saturday March 12th.

      Open House is from 9am – 11am. This is for your family, friends, co-workers etc. Quality men that you know, that would make good Masons and strengthen our Fraternity The RWGM will be the speaker and talk about the meaning of our Fraternity, who we are and what we offer and why our country needs more of our Masonic values. I’m sure we all know at the very least two or three good men that you would be proud to call Brother and join our Masonic family along with their wives or significant others.

      Town Hall meeting is from 2pm – 4pm. This is for All Masons. The RWGM will be explaining to all of us what is expected of us as Masons, defining our roles as officers in our Lodges. How we should be viewed by our communities . How to talk about our Fraternity to quality men and encourage their membership. We will also hear about how GL operates on the financial side. Most of all we will be one on one with the RWGM and able to ask any questions.

      I cannot stress the importance of these two programs. Please share this information with your membership through, call-m-all, e-mails, or your Lodges facebook or other social media. It’s time to put the breaks on our declining membership and start rebuilding with men of high standards.

      I have reached out about parking, and will share that with you ASAP.

      Please advise if you are able to attend..

      That’s all for this week. Thank you Brethren for all you do to keep St. Alban moving forward!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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