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      Morning Brethren and Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Geez what is with this weather, yesterday I’m walking outside in shorts and a t-shirt (I know- TMI) and today there’s snow on the ground….

      What an amazing week we just completed. Since last Saturday, we have made 4 new Masons and the ritual work is really looking good. Appreciate everyone’s efforts to be at these Extra Meetings so we can get the job done. So to recap, we currently have 5 EA’s awaiting their 2nd Degree, 2 FC awaiting their 3rd Degree, a candidate awaiting his 1st Degree and a petition we just read and will be investigated in the coming weeks and rumor in the wind tells me there’s a possibility of more petitions coming. To put this into perspective, we are processing more petitions at one time than we have in many years. Great work keeping the Lodge moving forward and upward! Our Lodge Stated Meeting this past Wednesday was well attended with a great dinner prior. It was good to see some of our new Brethren attend as well as our future candidate, Eugene Dedov.

      Over the next 2 Saturdays, we will be conferring the Master Mason Degree on Brs. Herb Wyche and Evan Martin and the Fellowcraft Degree on Brs. Lorenzo Mazzamuto, Brian Everett, Joe Sparco and Herman Wilson, Sr. Hopefully, at the March stated or possibly another Extra Meeting on a Monday evening, we can confer the Fellowcraft Degree on Br. Niko Serevetas. The March Extra Meetings will consist of a number of Master Mason Degrees and beginning the journey of Eugene Dedov as he will be receiving his Entered Apprentice Degree.

      Those of you who have been assigned as Mentors should be scheduling time to meet with your new members to make sure they are not only proficient in the work they must memorize, but also that they understand the Degree and the meaning behind it. You need to keep your assigned member actively engaged in our activities. I saw a neat idea on Facebook. I happen to follow our new RWGM who recently posted about a rural PA Lodge that holds new member nights that someone hosts at their home. Just a nice casual social event to get the new members comfortable with their new Brothers. Give that some thought.

      The WM has scheduled our Top Golf Event for Sunday, March 6th in the afternoon. Your families are also invited to attend. A flyer for the event will be going out shortly, but if you are sure you can attend, kindly let me know so I can give the venue a preliminary headcount.

      I’m starting to hear some scholarship buzz, so hopefully, I will be receiving some applications soon. Remember, the deadline is may 15th for application submission.

      We are getting down to the wire for dues payments. I will be forwarding to the SW the list of Brethren who remain NPD (it’s shrinking daily) so call lists can be put together so we can get this list down to 0 and avoid unnecessary suspensions. If you still have not paid your 2022 dues, please do so now as 1. It’s your sworn obligation to pay yearly dues and 2. It will make significantly less work for the Officers and members of the Retention Committee. Appreciate your attention to this.

      For future reference, our March Stated Meeting will feature a visit from Sam Freeman, DDGM who will present service awards to those achieving 25, 50, 60, 70 and 75 years of service. The date is March 9th.

      Have a great day Brethren and stay safe!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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