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      Hopefully you all weathered our most recent winter storm. Unfortunately, Mother Nature got in the way of our plans for our Extra Meeting at which we were scheduled to confer 4 Entered Apprentice Degrees. No worries, all has been rescheduled for next Saturday, same time at the Hiram Masonic Hall in Chestnut Hill. Three of our candidates are able to make the new date. The 4th will be receiving his EA Degree at our Stated Meeting on February 9th. Please try and attend the Extra Meeting to support our new Brethren.

      In addition to the EA Degree on February 9th, we will also be conferring a FC Degree on Nikolaos Servetas and balloting on a new petition received last month. This new petition will give us a total of 8 new Members in the process of receiving their 3 Degrees. While it’s a lot of work to be done, it is an excellent problem to have and we are doing our fair share in supporting our Grand Lodge’s efforts to increase our overall membership numbers during this next 2 year term.

      There will be 2 other Extra Meetings at the end of February (19th & 26th) at which time we will be conferring 2 Master Mason Degrees and 4 Fellowcraft Degrees. We are already soliciting assistance when the time comes for the conferral of all these Master Mason Degrees between February and March.

      Outstanding dues continue to come in on an almost daily basis. Beginning at the end of February, we will assemble a list who remain NPD in an attempt to get them in good standing before our April Stated Meeting. I have no doubt that list will be very small as I have received multiple commitments from Brethren. Again, as I’ve stated many times, if you find yourself in financial hardship this year, please reach out to me and we will work with you. On another note, we have reached almost 40% of the membership with registered accounts on Grandview and I thank everyone for embracing this new technology. All members who have paid dues have either received their 2022 dues card or it was just placed in the mail. Keep in mind, by registering your account on Grandview, you have ready access to a virtual dues card which you can view on the Grandview app on your smartphone..

      I haven’t heard anyone discussing our scholarship. The application has been distributed a few times and the due date is the end of May. Please encourage those applying not to wait until the last minute as there is much documentation to be collected.

      Our D.D.G.M. has rescheduled his official visit to us for the March 9th Stated Meeting at which time we will be presenting Service Awards to those celebrating significant Masonic Birthdays (25, 50, 60, 70, 75 yrs.). He will also be reviewing our new Grand Master’s plans for his 2 year term which includes a series of Town Hall Meetings and Open Houses to increase the public’s awareness of the Fraternity.

      Be on the lookout soon for information regarding our next Masonic Social event as our WM is very invested in holding several fun events during his year for both Brethren and their significant others.

      I think that’s all for now. Stay safe and have a great week!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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