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      Morning Brethren-

      I hope you are all keeping yourselves healthy.. been a rough week with spikes in Covid and Influenza. Just an FYI the CDC is recommending we wear masks again in public, but nothing has come from the Grand Lodge mandating this so govern yourselves accordingly.

      Last week, at the Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge (nine 529 members were in attendance btw!), the merger of St. Alban and Equity Lodges was approved and will be effective December 27th (St. John’s Day) when our elected officers will officially assume their Stations. I would like to commend the committees of both Lodges for working so diligently to get this done. This is going to be a great merger that will sustain 529 for many, many years to come. In addition, Brs. Evan Martin and Douglas Whitmire were awarded the Master Builder Award from the Grand Master, Br. Jeffrey Wonderling. Rumor has it there are several other newly made Master Masons going for this award as well. Overall a great night for St. Alban!!

      Big week ahead of us..

      Monday, we will have our Instruction Night at 7p at the Temple. I’m not sure of the room so make sure you check the room assignment board when you enter tomorrow night. We will spend time reviewing BOL, but we will spend a good amount of time reviewing the election procedures with the Teller station. We will be casting ballots for J.W., however the election is not contested so please no write in ballots, lol. Emmanuel and Alimmany, if you can make it, we will review what you need to know for your Fellowcraft Degree.

      Wednesday is our Stated Meeting with DINNER AT THE TEMPLE AT 6P. As of right now we have 64 coming to dinner between the two Lodges with a few more attending the meeting. I can squeeze in 1 or 2 more if you decide you would like to attend. 27 of the attendees are Equity members so what an amazing opportunity to break bread with our new Lodge Brothers and get to know them and vice versa. As stated previously, the main agenda will be the Election and Installation of Officers with Br. Kyle A, Schwirian as the presumptive Worshipful Master-elect., the first time a non-PM will occupy the East in several years so we will be conferring the entire WM installation. In addition we have one new petition to read and another for ballot.

      December 19th is an Extra Meeting (the only one this month) at which time the Entered Apprentice Degree will be conferred upon Samir Khan, Brian Gorton and Kenneth Jones.. all have confirmed their attendance.

      I know I sound like a broken record, but dues are now due and must be paid by 12/31 to avoid further action. Anyone running for an elected chair, must have their dues paid immediately. My last day working at my current job will be 12/16 and I will be taking 3 weeks off before starting my new position in early January. It is during this time, I will be getting out dues cards to Life Members and those who have paid already. The NPD list is steadily coming down and I appreciate all who have already fulfilled their obligation!

      Just as a reminder, we will be having a banquet on January 11th at Maggiano’s celebrating the 1st official stated meeting of the new and much larger St. Alban Lodge No. 529. Hope you can save the date to attend!

      I think that’s enough for this week! Hope to see many of you out this week and please stay safe!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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