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      Good Morning Brethren and hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Please read this message in full.. since we are wrapping up the year and I’ve had a 2 week hiatus due to my recent vacation in Hawaii, there are many important topics to review..

      This past week we welcomed 2 new Brethren into the Fraternity, Emmauel Hernandez and Alimmany Kromah. The Degree teams did an excellent job and the future of our Officer Corps looks very bright as we will soon begin a new Masonic year. We have 3 additional candidates awaiting their EA Degree, 1 who will be voted on in December and another petition to read for the first time. The WM has decided that in December, we will focus on getting as many EA Degrees completed as we have been primarily opening meetings on the EA Degree and we will be able to have those Brethren attend meetings. We will focus on the FC and MM Degrees after the first of the year.

      So, let’s talk about December…

      December 7th is the quarterly communication of the Grand Lodge in Philadelphia at 7pm in Corinthian Hall. In addition to 2 of our Brethren (Evan Martin and Douglas Whitmire) receiving their Master Builder Award from the Grand Master, the vote will take place to approve our proposed merger with Equity Lodge No. 591. Assuming a good outcome this is how we will proceed with the merger..

      We will hold an Instruction Night on Monday, December 12th for the primary purpose of reviewing the Election and Installation procedures as we are required to hold an election utilizing the Teller station for at least one Elected Office even though we do not anticipate any contested elections this year. This is so we do not lose any of this ritual.

      Both Lodges meet on Wednesday, December 14th. Our plan is to have dinner together (AT THE MASONIC TEMPLE DUE TO THE LARGE NUMBER OF ATTENDEES) at 6pm. This will take place in the Lower Banquet Room. Following dinner, Equity will retire to their Lodge Meeting to conduct final business. They will then surrender their Warrant to their District Deputy, close the Lodge for good then join us in time for our Election and Installation of Officers in Renaissance Hall as they would like to show their support for the incoming line of Officers. This should be a great night of fellowship and camaraderie as we will close St. Alban Lodge as one group ready to begin our new chapter in 2023. The plan for January is we will be holding a banquet at Maggiano’s on our first official joint meeting night on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 when presumably, Br. Kyle Schwirian will take his place as our 149th Worshipful Master presiding over a Lodge which will have in excess of 650 members and climbing every month.

      Brethren, it is imperative that we have as accurate a count for dinner on December 14th as possible as the caterer will charge us by head. Please contact me as soon as you can to secure your reservation. My number is (856) 693-4284 if you wish to call or text your reservation. Equity is doing the same, but it would not be shocking to have 70+ Brothers at this dinner. I am also asking any and all Past Masters to attend this meeting. For the first time since 2018, we will be installing a non-PM as Worshipful Master so we will need to conduct the Word of the Chair portion of the Installation which requires all PM’s to sit in the Chairs with those not having received the WOC to remain outside.

      We will be holding an Extra Meeting on Monday, December 19th for the purpose of conferring the Entered Apprentice Masons Degree on Samir A. Khan, Kenneth J. Jones and Brian E. Gorton. As previously stated we will work on FC Degrees in January. Equity Lodge is also bringing with them several candidates in the pipeline so the first few months of 2023 are going to prove to be pretty busy. We will have dinner on the 19th at Maggiano’s starting at 5:30p.

      December will soon be upon us which is the last month you can pay your dues and be on time. To date, there are many Brethren who have yet to fulfill their obligation to pay dues for the ensuing Masonic year. I will put out a final dues notice on 12/1. I am also attaching instructions as to how you can set up your Grandview account and pay dues online. I will be very honest in that our investments took a big hit this year, as did all of our portfolios I’m sure. That being said, dues money is very important to our bottom line so your prompt payment is most appreciated and I thank those Brethren who have already remitted. As always, if you are finding it difficult to pay dues, please contact me as I’m sure we will be able to work with you.

      Brethren, we have an incredible future ahead of us with an excellent corps of young Officers ready to take St. Alban to the next level. I hope you can come out in December and meet the Brethren from Equity. They are an outstanding and fun group of men who are totally aligned with how we do things and Br. Kyle has an excellent term plan with fun as well as educational programs well planned for each month. Come out and enjoy the excitement and see what this Fraternity is all about!

      Look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks. Stay safe and enjoy this most Blessed Holiday Season!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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