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      Morning Brethren-

      This will be a brief message and I will be taking the next couple weeks off as the Lodge is technically on recess so not much activity over the next few weeks.

      Last Wednesday, we initiated 3 new members into the Fraternity, welcomed a very enthusiastic prospect and welcomed a visitor from Oregon. Brs. Dominick Arp, Ian Grau and Paul Mogianesi received their first or EA Degree which were conferred by Brs. Cain and Schwirian. All 3 have expressed interest in getting very involved in Lodge activity and would be interested in getting involved with Degree work. We also welcomed a prospect, Samir Khan, who has been referred to our Lodge by the District Masonic Awareness Committee and expressed he had a wonderful time at dinner and is very interested in pursuing membership with the Lodge. We were also pleased to welcome Br. Joseph Moore, a California Mason currently residing in Oregon who also very much enjoyed his visit.

      Our next Extra Meeting will be held on August 10th when Def Raphael, Duane Bedley and Vincent Kenny will receive their EA Degrees. We will then begin conferring FC Degrees in September on all 6.

      Our merger with Equity 591 continues to progress with each Lodge addressing the topic of merger in Lodge wide communication. Equity has already voted in favor of a merger, St. Alban will formally vote in October. Currently, paperwork is being prepared by each Lodge to create merged accounts, by-laws etc.

      That’s all for this week.. Brethren, enjoy the rest of your July and I will be communicating with you again in a few weeks.

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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