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      Good Morning Brethren-

      Yesterday was an absolutely amazing day as we raised 4 new Master Masons into our ranks. Congratulations to Brs. Herman Wilson, Sr., Lorenzo Mazzamuto, Brian Everett & Joseph Sparco for completing this part of your journey, but honestly the journey has only begun and we look forward to having you as active members of St. Alban Lodge.

      I would also like to congratulate the Officers on what was a perfect Extra Meeting. The ritual was excellent, we had a full corps of Officers and Brethren on the sidelines, great support from our PM’s and flawless work given by Brs. Ozer, Brown and Matt Salmon (WM Mitchell No. 81). We ended the day completely on schedule!

      Our April Lodge Notice was sent out earlier this week. Our next Stated Meeting will be on April 13th with dinner at 6pm at Maggianos. I am getting the sense the meeting is going to be very well attended by initial responses I’ve received, plus our 4 new MM’s are also attending plus a prospective candidate. It is very important I get a head count as we may have well over our usual number coming to dinner and I need to give the restaurant a good count, so please make reservations with me if you plan on attending dinner, sooner rather than later if you can. We will have a speaker and program at our April meeting.

      Our April Extra Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 23rd in Chestnut Hill. We will be conferring the EA on Jonathan Arrieta, the FC on Eugene Dedov and the MM on Niko Serevetas. There were no new petitions presented in March and none expected in April so we will be getting a much deserved break with Extra Meetings very soon. According to statistics in Grandview, we have conferred 31 Degrees in the past 12 mos!!

      Next Saturday, a group of us will be traveling to Norristown to attend the Regional Mentor training workshop. Mentorship is such an important role when bringing in new members to assist the candidates both during and after their 3 Degrees to help them acclimate to the Lodge and make them feel welcome.

      The following Saturday, April 9th is the Sectional School of Instruction at our Masonic Temple on 1 North Broad. If you want to see flawless ritual, exactly how it’s supposed to be done, this is a great opportunity. The regional schools will be conferring the 3 Degrees (just mechanics on the FC) as well as B.O.L.. I would strongly encourage the Officers to try to attend this event to help sharpen our skills. Of course, we also need to be attending our local school in Jenkintown.

      Speaking of School, Br. Kyle Schwirian, SW, became certified in the FC Degree this past week and will be conferring the Degree for the first time at our Extra Meeting on 4/23.

      So far, I have received 2 scholarship applications and have heard from several others that they are on the way. Deadline again is May 15th.

      I’m finally getting around to the polo shirts. I have a list together, but if you haven’t responded let me know how many, color (blue or white), size and whether or not you want your name on it.

      Information about the 2022 International Gathering was emailed out this past week. Please let me know if you will be attending so we can start organizing transportation.

      Lastly (Whew!!) we have made contact with the WM of Garibaldi Lodge in NY for their world renowned EA conferral on May 6th in NYC. He just needs a number to hook us up with decent seats. If you haven’t responded and wish to attend, please advise this week. We will leave the Philly area early afternoon, have an early dinner in Manhattan, conferral starts at 8p and we will probably get home well after midnight.

      Sorry this was so long this week, but we are busy, vibrant Lodge with much going on!! Have a great week Brethren!!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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