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      Sorry for the lateness of my report today, but after yesterday’s marathon of Degree work, I’m sure I speak for the others in attendance that today was definitely a day to sleep in!

      Seriously though, what a fantastic day we had yesterday. We started with a Stated Meeting and finally got to elect our 2021 officers, ballot on a new petition and read a petition for the first time. We followed with an Extra Meeting at which we made 2 new Masons (Marshall Lane & Ronald Crockett) as well as Raise 3 Brethren to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason (David Hearst, Brian Hopkins & Matthew Kerwin. The ritual was fantastic, but the fellowship was even more amazing and thanks goes out to our Brethren in Prospect Park for allowing us to use their Masonic Temple for the day.

      Based on what I’ve indicated, we are going to have a great year for new members. Recently, our DDGM began forwarding GL referrals for individuals who have expressed an interest in joining the Fraternity. The first person I contacted is very interested and we had a zoom call a couple of weeks ago and we will have an in person meeting this week. I fully expect this to result in a signed petition. I have now received 2 additional prospects whom I will be contacting this week. All this in addition to the petitions we continue to receive from the membership! Our goal now needs to be retention and getting these guys interested and excited in what we do. All have been appointed mentors and are being encouraged to get involved however they wish as well as pursue their Builders Awards as this gives them a thorough introduction to what our Fraternity is all about.

      Our plan at this point is to return to a regular meeting schedule for April which will include an Instruction Night on Monday, April 12th, Stated Meeting on Wednesday, April 14th and an Extra Meeting later that month as we will have 2 Fellowcraft and 1 EA Degree to complete.

      Don’t forget about Scholarship applications.. that’s money just waiting to be had. Hope to see some more applications soon.

      Have a great week Brethren!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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