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      Lots to go over today, so bear with the length of this message… I waited on the final decision of the City before releasing any information. The formal Lodge Notice will be emailed tomorrow, but this is the information for March…

      We received word late last night that the Masonic Temple on Broad St. will reopen on March 1st with very limited capacity (10%), no food served and mandatory COVID restrictions. The Officers had a brief discussion last night and decided to keep in place our current plan to meet for a “Day of Masonic Fellowship” on Saturday, March 13th beginning at 9am at the Masonic Temple in Prospect Park which is located at 822 Lincoln Ave, Prospect Park, PA. This is the schedule for the day..

      9a- Meet for coffee, set up, etc..
      10a- Open Stated Meeting to conduct mandatory business, balloting, election of 2021 officers (no changes for us)
      11a- Close Stated Meeting/ Open Extra Meeting (3 Master Mason Degrees and 2 Entered Apprentice)

      At some point during the Extra Meeting, we will close to take a break and have lunch brought in at the Temple.

      The 3 Master Mason Degrees will be conferred upon- Brian Hopkins, David Hearst and Matthew Kerwin
      The 2 Entered Apprentice Degrees will be conferred up Marshall Lane and Charles Crockett

      In addition we will be balloting on the petition of Christopher Spagnoletti and we have at least 1 additional petition to read for the 1st time.

      This will be quite a full, but very productive day and we need as many hands as possible to assist. Your attendance is much appreciated!

      We hope to return to our regular Masonic activities on Broad Street in April when hopefully, the capacity will be increased.

      Email or text me with any questions, but look forward to seeing you all… and not on a screen.. on March 13th!!

      Frats.. Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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