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      Good Morning Brethren-

      Feels like we are definitely back in the Winter chill this morning!!

      What a great day we had yesterday at our Extra Meeting at Prospect Park. We welcomed 3 new Brethren into our Lodge, Herb Wyche, Evan Martin & Niko Serevetas. At lunch afterwards, all talked about how they are looking forward to continuing their journey and wanting to get involved in Lodge activities next year, including taking positions on the floor. In addition, Br. Kyle Schwirian did a magnificent job conferring his first Entered Apprentice Degree since becoming certified last month at the Jenkintown School. Great job to everyone who was able to come out and be a part of this special day and watch our Lodge family continue to grow.

      Last Wednesday at our Stated Meeting, we voted favorably on the petitions of Lorenzo Mazzamuto & Herman Wilson, Sr. who will begin their Masonic journey when we resume Extra Meetings in January. Both have been invited to join us for dinner on 12/8. In addition, Br. Herman Wilson, Jr. formally became a plural member of St. Alban and has immediately begun helping out as he delivered the Opening Charge and came out yesterday and worked the entire day on the floor. Lastly, we read 2 petitions for the first time for Brian Everett and Joseph Sparco. Both are being assigned Committees of Inquiry and we are scheduled to vote on their petitions at our December Stated Meeting. So… if you’re doing the math, that means if all goes according to plan, we would be scheduled to confer 4 ENTERED APPRENTICE DEGREES AND 3 FELLOWCRAFT DEGREES IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY (WOW!!!). Rumor has it there may be a new petition or 2 coming in December or January as well. Just to put things in perspective, we have already made up for any members we lost to suspension earlier this year as 2 have already been reinstated and the numbers of new members puts us into a position of positive growth for the first time in a while. Let’s set a goal that our overall membership numbers increase (+ net gain) for 2022!

      Our December Stated Meeting will be on December 8th. We have decided to take dinner off site and will be going to Maggianos for a festive Holiday Celebration. It is imperative that I get an accurate count for this dinner since we have to make reservations, probably in a banquet room as I believe the number will be a pretty good size. The Lodge will pay for dinner, but any adult cocktails will need to be covered separately. The meeting will feature the Election and Installation of Officers in which we will incorporate the Teller Process for one of the votes.. this is ritual most Lodges have not seen in some time and your Officers and Ritual Instructors are attending School this month to be taught (or refreshed lol) the process.

      I am setting up a Sunday Brunch for any interested members. The location will be determined this week, but the date will be December 12th around 1pm. Again, just an opportunity to get together on a social basis and have some fun times together. Let me know if you are interested in attending.

      Our presumptive WM-elect, Br. Joe Cain, has his term plan pretty much ready to go for 2022 and is still finalizing his list of appointed officers and committee assignments. Let him know soon if you are interested in being a part of his corps so he can get you involved.

      I will be forwarding an email today from our DDGM concerning the upcoming Masonic Baby Shower for active servicemen and their spouses which will be Friday, December 4th at McGuire AFB in NJ. These are amazing events in which the best of Masonic Charity is displayed as we provide assistance to those serving our Country with much needed baby supplies and equipment. As of today, there are 35 almost New Moms attending. There are requirements to get on the AFB which is supplied in the email from Sam.

      I was excited to hear that we have 2 new Brothers, Ron Crockett and Marshall Lane who are actively working on the Master Builder Award. Again, this is a program for first year Masons designed to get you involved in all aspects of Masonic membership. I have no doubt they will complete and have the pleasure of Sam coming to a Stated Meeting to make the presentations!

      We have purchased a table for the 30th Annual Masonic Breakfast at LuLu Shrine in Plymouth Meeting. This breakfast will honor the new Right Worshipful Grand Master of PA, Br. Jeffrey Wonderling. As we have purchased a table, I only need 10 Brethren to fill the seats. Would love to have a photo op with our new Grand Master for our FB page.. interested?? Let me know, the date is Saturday, January 22nd and the flyer is attached.

      Scholarship Applications for 2022 will be sent by email to all Brethren right after the first of the year with a due date of early May 2022. These scholarships are for any member or child/ grandchild, etc of a member pursuing a collegiate Degree.

      I think this is a good place to stop as this message is getting pretty lengthy, but hey, we belong to an active, vibrant Lodge that is really starting to move! Just one final note that we have hit 50 members who have registered accounts on Grandview.. let’s keep that number growing as well. When you register, please make sure all of your personal information is updated as many of you have been doing.

      Have a great day, Brethren.. stay warm and stay safe!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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