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      Morning Brethren and Happy Halloween to all who celebrate!

      We had ourselves a busy, but fun and productive week.. this past Wednesday several of us had a great night of fun and fellowship at Top Golf in Mt. Laurel. In addition to the Brethren, we also welcomed one of our new petitioners, Lorenzo Mazzamuto and his wife and we also had a prospect attend. It was so great just to be able to be out with the Brethren and have some fun. Look forward to more events like this as we move into the new year.

      Yesterday, Br. Kyle attended the R.W.G.M.’s LibertyTree Planning in Schwenksville and represented our Lodge well. Also yesterday, the Lodge assisted Mitchell No. 81 with the conferral of 4 Master Mason Degrees in Chestnut Hill. Great to see such a tight bond forming within these two Lodges.

      Over the past 2 weeks, I am proud to announce that our new prospective plural member, Br. Herman Wilson, Jr. achieved Certification in Business of the Lodge and Opening Charge and our Junior Warden, Br. Kyle Schwirian, achieved certification for the Entered Apprentice Degree. Both did so well they were certified at the time of their check. Congratulations to both of you.

      Just a quick summary on new members.. we will be conferring the EA Degree on 3 candidates (Nikolaos Serevatas, Herbert Wyche & Evan Martin) on November 13th in Prospect Park, in November we will be balloting on 2 petitions (Lorenzo Mazzamuto & Herman Wilson, Sr.)as well as a petition for plural membership (Herman Wilson, Jr.)and as of now, I have 2 additional petitions to read for the 1st time. This is great and keep them coming!

      Just a reminder that our Instruction Meeting is Monday, November 8th and our Stated is Wednesday, November 10th. PLEASE REMEMBER TO MAKE DINNER RESERVATIONS WITH ME ASAP IF YOU ARE ATTENDING. Response looks great so far, so we should have a nice crowd for the Stated Meeting. This meeting we will honor those we have lost in the past year as well as honor those members who have served our Country in the Armed Forces.

      One more reminder that Grandview is fully operational and dues notices have gone out for those who owe dues. If you wish to pay online, you must register your account which is a very simple process. We are up to 30 members who have completed this and no one has had any difficulty. If you wish to pay by check, that’s fine, but I would still encourage you to register your account on Grandview so you can keep your personal demographics up to date. Dues are now $125.00. Dues cards for Life Members will be going out by the end of this month.

      Thank you Brethren for all you do to keep our Fraternity strong. Lots of good things happening and hopefully, you will be able to come and enjoy the Brotherhood!!

      Have a great week and stay safe!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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