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      It’s been awhile since I put out one of these, but I wanted to share a few things that are going on in our Masonic world.

      We have been strongly urged to hold an in person Stated Meeting at Renaissance Hall in September. Please know this will be done with strict guidelines in place. They are as follows-

      1. There will be no dinner served as we cannot ensure proper social distancing and a buffet isn’t the best idea..
      2. Hand sanitizer will be available when you sign in and at the Secretary’s desk as well
      3. All Brethren will wear masks and we will ensure that the Brethren are spaced apart

      You may be asking why are we doing this as the attendance will probably be low at best. Well, I can speak for myself as someone who understands COVID pretty first hand from the work I do.. if we follow the proper protocols there’s no reason why we can’t get together in a room the size of Renaissance Hall. At some point, we need to try to get back to our normal routines and see our Brothers. It is completely understandable that if you are very uncomfortable or immunocompromised that you sit this one out. We are contacting all of the officers and if nothing else, we can run through the ritual and conduct proper business. The date of our meeting will be Wednesday, September 9th and an email notice will be going out shortly. There will not be an Instruction Meeting the prior Monday as that is Labor Day.

      For those who feel they cannot attend an in-person Meeting, we are also going to schedule a virtual Zoom meeting during September as well. Hopefully, you will be able to join us. The date I’m thinking is Monday, September 14th, which would have been our Extra Meeting night. By the way, we do have candidates out there waiting and as soon as we get the green light to perform Degree work, we will move them along.

      The issue has come up regarding dues for 2020. As most of us paid our dues for 2020, we don’t think it fair that those who haven’t yet paid get a pass for this year, unless of course the Brother was directly impacted by the pandemic and lost their job and wages, etc. These Brothers will be carried by the Lodge. A letter will be going out to the Brethren this week encouraging them to reach out to me. If they have been impacted financially by COVID, we will remit their dues. If not, we will suspend for non-payment no later than the October Stated Meeting. If you would like to get your dues paid and need assistance doing so.. well, you know how to find me.

      Let me also say that if any Brother is struggling because of the pandemic or for any reason, your Lodge is here to assist you whether it be financially or any other reason. If you can’t get out and need someone to purchase groceries for you, etc.. just let me know and we are there!

      I’m sure I speak for everyone on this email that I miss seeing my Brothers… in person!! I look forward to that day..

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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