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      As of 9:00pm last evening, the Governor of NJ imposed a stay at home mandate for all NJ residents as did the PA Governor earlier this week. I hope you are all abiding by the orders and staying in your homes… unless of course, you are part of the many in our Lodge that are performing essential services for society and going into work. To those Brethren, I say thank you! Part of the order, at least here in NJ, is that you can still go out (practicing social distancing, of course) and take in some exercise and fresh air. I encourage us all to do that if your situation allows it. I just returned from a 5 mile stroll and the fresh air really helped clear my head.

      I have received many offers by several of our able Brethren that they would be available to assist those requiring more assistance with procuring groceries, supplies, etc. If you need any help, please reach out to me and we can make this happen because IT’S WHAT MASONS DO!

      Another way you can help if you are at home and have a knack for sewing; there’s a dyer need for face masks. I run a healthcare community and I can tell you what supplies I have are under lock and key and under video surveillance. There are many families sewing masks or covers for the special N95 masks as a way to help the strapped healthcare supply market. Let me know if you can assist.

      It is my sad duty to inform you that two of our Brethren laid down their working tools this week and went home to our Great Architect. Coincidentally, both were celebrating their 60th year in the Craft. Br. Henry Peters was laid to rest this past Thursday and the Lodge was able to put together a small group to conduct the Masonic Funeral. The family expressed much appreciation.

      Br. James Horan, P.M. passed away this week at the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown. Br. Jim was a very dynamic member of our Lodge who faithfully served his Fraternity and will be missed by many of us. May they both find peace and harmony for all eternity.

      As a reminder all Masonic related activities are cancelled until further notice. All of our planned activities for March and April have been cancelled including all Stated and Extra Meetings.

      As you’ve heard stated so many times these past couple of weeks, it’s ok to feel unsettled during these difficult times. We will get through this and I’m glad to see so many examples of the better part of humanity coming out in day to day life. Again, to those who CANNOT STAY HOME, we thank you for your service and for taking care of all of us!

      Stay safe and healthy Brethren…

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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