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      Morning Brethren:

      Very easy report this week..

      Monday night is our Instruction Night. We will have dinner at 5:45 at the 1926 Restaurant at the Marriott Courtyard. I understand they are renovating the space so the restaurant has relocated to the 2nd floor. The focus of instruction will be to review the agenda for the Wednesday meeting and go over the Opening/ Closing work.

      Our 145th Anniversary Stated Meeting is Wednesday, March 13th. This is coming together as quite a special night for many reasons. First, we are pleased to receive an official visit from our D.D.G.M., Br. Samuel Freeman. In addition, we will be presenting Anniversary Service Awards and Bibles to several members. Plus, as I’ve been saying, we have a special surprise that I’m sure will just make the event that much more spectacular!!

      Are you an Eagle Scout? If you are coming to the Meeting, we would like to recognize you and the year you received your Eagle. Many of us have applied for the Masonic Eagle pin, but they are on back order at the moment. In lieu of presenting the pins, we would still like to recognize all Eagle Scouts. Give me a heads up if you are coming and your year that you earned your Eagle.

      Our bus trip to Alexandria and Mt. Vernon will be upon us before we know it. The date is Saturday, April 27th and will be an all day event. If you haven’t seen the George Washington National Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA or Mt. Vernon, then this will be quite a treat. Cost is $65/pp. To reserve a seat, send a check payable to the Lodge to my attention. If we don’t receive more response from the Lodge, then we will probably open it up to other Masonic Districts

      I’m going to hold it at that. There’s a lot going on that we’ll review at the Meeting and upcoming Sunday messages.

      Looks like we will have a nice crowd of Brethren Wednesday night.. several who haven’t been to Lodge in awhile, so let’s welcome everyone back and have an incredible night together.

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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