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      Good Morning, Brethren.. September is upon us!

      I was recently reading an article in one of the various Masonic Facebook pages about the dilemma of cultivating the future of our Lodges and it gave me time to think about what we are doing at St. Alban. When you think about it, we are actually in a fortuitous position. Over the last several months, several of our younger, newer Masons have gotten really fired up about the Fraternity and about serving our Lodge. There is a renewed interest in learning ritual and going through the elected Chairs. We just need to work together to keep this enthusiasm moving forward. We have a solid Officer Corp ready to come together and lead our Lodge for many, many years into the future. From my standpoint, it’s actually fun to watch! I would like to issue a challenge to all those who have made a commitment to learn our Work. I recently told the elected Officers that I would re-learn (it’s been 25 years) the Third Degree and have it ready to confer at Ft. Mifflin in October, if I was needed to do so. If any of our appointed Officers or anyone else learns a Degree and becomes certified in that Degree before the end of the year, I will treat you to an evening out to the place of your choosing! I’m a Brother of a certain age and committing all that to memory is not quite as easy as it once was. I figure if I can do it, our appointed corp certainly can.. let’s see who takes me up on my challenge. I don’t care if you work together or separately, but I would certainly require that you go to a school and not just to try and get certified. I will be going to Jenkintown in October to get certified in the Third!

      I received my Notice by snail mail the other day so I assume you have all now received your September Notice by email or otherwise. Our Meeting is slated for 9/11…still hard to believe it’s been 18 years since that tragic day. I’m sure our Master will pay appropriate homage to those who perished. We do have a guest speaker that evening.. Br. Craig Brody, PM from Columbia Lodge No. 91 will be presenting on “Benjamin Franklin- applying the teachings of Freemasonry”. Please get your dinner reservations to Joe Fletcher ASAP. The meal looks really good!! There will be no Extra Meeting or Instruction Meeting in September.

      Dues Notices will be going out tomorrow by EMAIL for those who will be receiving them. The deadline to pay dues is 12/31/19, but please don’t wait until the last minute. If you can, just pay it now and get it done! I will issue dues cards later in the Fall.

      October will be a great month to showcase our good work as we will be hosting our DDGM and the Officers of District C at our Stated Meeting on October 9th. Please try to keep this night free and support your Lodge. Be awesome to have a great turnout for this event. A few days later we will have our annual Extra Meeting at Ft. Mifflin beginning at 8:00am. We know we will be conferring 1 Master Mason Degree that day and more than likely 1 Entered Apprentice Degree. We are also expecting petitions at our September Meeting so again, just keep us growing!

      This time next week the first of our “Traveling Men”.. and Ladies will be landing in Ireland with the ultimate goal of meeting up with the largest single contingent (529- PA) in the World attending this year’s International Gathering of Lodges named St. Alban in Newcastle on Tyne, England from 9/13-15. Most of our group will be leaving the day after our Stated Meeting and all 21 of us will meet up on Friday the 13th lol!! The following Tuesday, several of us will be meeting up in St Albans, England just outside of London to present a check for the preservation of the St. Albans Cathedral. Should be a great visit.

      Please don’t forget about the Holiday Party flyer that was with your Lodge Notice. Get your reservations to me when you can.

      Garibaldi Lodge in NYC has announced their world famous EA Degree will be held on Friday, November 1st. We took a group last year and all had a great time. If you are interested in going, please let me know and we can probably get a trip put together again. If you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend it as it is quite an experience! Last year we left our area around 3p and it was a late night, but well worth it.

      Just a reminder that it is our intent to purchase a table of 10 for the new Grand Master’s Installation Banquet on December 27th. Details of the day’s events are in your Freemason. If you would like to attend, please advise soon.

      That’s it for now.. my next communication (assuming technology is with me 🙂 ) will be from beautiful Dublin, Ireland! I’ll be mindful of the time difference!!

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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