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      Morning Brethren:

      As I previously communicated, we are saddened by the passing of Br. Michael J. Conway. Details of his visitation, which is tomorrow evening, were included in the email. We also have an Extra Meeting tomorrow night with 3 Degrees on the Trestle Board. Thanks to the support of our Brethren, it would appear that we will be able to conduct the Extra Meeting with the necessary stations filled and still have an outstanding representation for Br. Conway’s visitation. Many thanks to Brs. Alan Ozer, P.M. and William Roosevelt, P.M. for conducting the Funeral Service. There will be an additional visitation for Br. Conway on Wednesday morning at the Church which will allow the Officers to attend and pay their respects.

      We have reached out to several Brethren. Please show your support for the Lodge.If you happen to be in the Broomall area, we would ask you attend the service for Br. Conway and if you are closer to the Philadelphia area that you attend the Extra Meeting and assist as needed. Thank you, Brethren!!

      We had another outstanding meeting this past Wednesday and attendance continues to grow as momentum strengthens. We were pleased to welcome our District Deputy who outlined for us all of the R.W.G.M.’s programs for his 2 year term.

      I am very excited to inform you that we have outstanding programs planned and BOOKED for the entire 2018 year. This will be a year for some fantastic educational programs and we look forward to seeing you at future Lodge meetings.

      Just a reminder that Scholarship Applications are due by the May Stated Meeting. They have been coming in pretty steadily at this point. Please contact me if you need more information.

      I’d like to end this weeks message by stressing that in addition to all of the wonderful things we are doing, we must also stress our Ritual. We had an amazing Instruction night this past Monday and those in attendance really benefited. We also need to keep this momentum going strong as we have requirements for ritual proficiency which must be adhered to. I know we are all busy, but taking the time to learn ritual will not just give you personal satisfaction.. the lessons you will learn will follow you all the years of your life.

      Thank you, Brethren and have an amazing day!


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