2017 Sunday With The Secretary #10 (11/19/2017)

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      Afternoon Brethren:

      One of the things I have repeatedly heard is that being a Lodge Secretary, albeit important and vital for the workings of the Lodge, is a “thankless” job. I wish to refute that belief! I’ve had the pleasure of serving as your Secretary for nearly a year and I can honestly say I may have agreed with the “thankless” thinking when I spent a weekend stuffing dues envelopes (lol), but other than that it has been a very rewarding duty. Who else gets to interact with every single member of the Lodge and hear about the good things they are doing? I also get to see the random acts of kindness and Brotherhood.. like the Brothers doing charitable work to help those less fortunate or the Brother who purposely pays his dues twice to make sure a Brother in need can have his dues paid. I have seen the best of what this Lodge has to offer and it’s made me more proud to say I am a Mason!

      I’ve gotten a good response to tomorrow nights’ Extra Meeting and appreciate the Brothers who have indicated they will be able to attend. We have 2 degrees (MM & FC) and I’m sure the new Brethren would most appreciate seeing as many of their Brothers as possible.

      Dues payments continue to pour in. We are almost at the 50% mark so keep em coming!

      Before I close out I would like to ask each of you to keep the Brs. Grimditch and their families in your thoughts and prayers today as they are going through a very difficult time and I’m sure will be needing our support in the days to come.

      Let me end this weeks message with a heartfelt wish that each of you and your friends and loved ones enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and I look forward to continued good times together.

      Frats- Jim

      James T. Clancy, P.M., Secretary
      St. Alban Lodge No. 529

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