St Alban International

Greetings Brethren and Ladies. I have attached all the forms from the Minutes of our 63rd Gathering in New York, with the Invitation and Presentation for our 64th Gathering this year. We certainly had  a wonderful time in New York, and it looks like our friends from Rhode Island are prepared to be our new Host Lodge! Please remember to immediately secure your room accommodations first, as they do not charge you before the event starts. Please pass this email on to all Members and friends as I certainly do not have everyone’s email. I would especially appreciate if you could get it to all Secretary’s of the Lodges for complete distribution..

Please help the Host Lodge with an ad for their ad book. That will ensure they are able to really pamper us while there.

Looking forward to being together again.

Fraternally yours,

Joe Fletcher, P.M.
International Secretary/Treasurer
Masonic Lodges Named For St. Alban

Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania, District C